Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SimpleDB::BigintColumnClass representing SQL big integers
SimpleDB::BoolColumnClass representing bool values
SimpleDB::ColumnThe abstract base class for the SimpleDB types
SimpleDB::DatabaseThis class represents a database connection
SimpleDB::DoubleColumnClass representing double precision vales
SimpleDB::Database::ExceptionThis class is thrown in case of any database exception
SimpleDB::ExceptionSimpleDB Exception base class
SimpleDB::Query::ExceptionQuery exception class
SimpleDB::IntColumnClass representing SQL integers
SimpleDB::LongColumnClass representing long values
SimpleDB::Database::NoDataExceptionException class thrown when no data is available
SimpleDB::QueryClass to represent a database query
SimpleDB::ScopedTransactionScopedTransaction class Create a scoped transaction to make a block of code into a transaction If this object destructs before the commit function is called, the transaction will be rolled back
SimpleDB::StringColumnClass representing string values
SimpleDB::Column::UnboundExceptionException class

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